sunete care imi ating sufletul, il imbratiseaza si il fac sa vibreze. sunete care ma poarta catre vise, pe aripile lor. o adevarata muzica a ainurilor care, prin sunetele ei, uneor line precum caderea unui fulg, alteori cuprinse si scuturate de demoni ai unui suflet zdruncinat de indoieli sau cupins de nebunie si razbunare, poate crea si distruge lumi intregi, impreuna cu fiintele dintr-insele.
sunete angelice si demonice, blande si furioase, incurajatoare si sinucigase, care, puse pe vreo schema de masurat bataile inimii, n-ar avea nici o sansa de supravietuire. sunete care creeaza o parte din mine.

6. lady & bird – la ballade of lady and bird

Bird: Lady?
Lady: Yes Bird?
Bird: It’s clod
Lady: I know
Lady: Bird… I cannot see a thing
Bird:It’s all in your mind
Lady:I’m worried
Bird:No one will come to see us
Lady:Maybe they come but we just don’t see them. What do you see?
Bird:I see what’s outside
Lady:And what exactly is outside?
Bird:It’s grown-ups
Lady:Well maybe if we scream they can hear us
Bird:Yeah, maybe we should try to scream
Lady:Ok, Bird
Lady & Bird:Heeeelp, Heeeelp! Can you hear us now ? Hello ! Help ! Hello it’s me. Hey! Can you see? Can you see me? I’m here. Nana come and take us! Hello! Are you there? Hello!

Lady:I don’t think they can hear us
Bird:I can hear you lady
Bird:You want to come with me maybe?
Lady:Will you be nice to me Bird? You’re always nice to me because you’re my friend
Bird:I’ll try, but sometimes I make mistakes
Lady:Nana says that we all make mistakes
Bird:Maybe we should scream more
Lady:Yes, Bird let’s scream more
Lady & Bird :Help ! Help us ! Come on ! Help! Hello ! Help! Hello ! We’re lost.

Lady:I think they cannot see us
Bird:Nobody likes us
Lady:But they all seem so big
Bird:Maybe we should just jump
Lady:What if we fall from the bridge and then nobody can catch us
Bird:I don’t know let’s just see what happens
Bird:Come with me
Lady:Shall we do it together
Lady & Bird:1 2 3….Aaaaaaah

Lady:Yes Bird
Bird:It’s clod
Lady:I know
Lady:Bird…I cannot see a thing
Bird:It’s all in your mind

5. death in june – unconditional armistice

o piesa dementa, scrasnita printre dintii inclestati, despre o lume dementa. calmul ei aparent e ca o palma peste obraz. rece ca un sarpe, sasaiturile ei se transforma in fiori pe sira spinarii.

Can I trust a human?
Can I trust his soul?
Like pigs they link together
Like pigs in a sausage roll
They all think they’re individuals
They all think they’re free

Nietzsche said they are supermen
Displayed in a butcher’s shop to me
Makes sense within a framework
Of that Nazarene reality

I wish I had a gun
Which set us all free
This is my dream, that one day
Everyone will have an absolute armistice

I hope this happens for the World and the World Tree

Can I trust a human?
Can I trust his soul?
They all link together
In their selfish hole

Love and worship and power and success
And love is prevented and destroyed and possessed
Love and worship and power and success
And love is perverted and destroyed and possessed

I wish I had a gun
Which set us all free
This is my dream, that one day
Everyone will have an absolute armistice

Hey, don’t slide
I’m the unforgiving

I watch many humans
I know, like you, you’re like me
I watch them like snakes
Like snakes lower than a snake’s belly
Filthy poisonous cobras


4. nicu alifantis – daca tu ai disparea

noapte nebuna pe strazi intr-o sighisoara straina si pustie, ca nicicand altcandva. rasaritul ireal si halucinant, ca dupa o noapte de betie in vama, a venit odata cu piesa asta incredibila a lui alifantis, cantata din suflet, din suflet, din suflet…

Dacă tu ai dispărea
Intr-o noapte oarecare
Dulcea mea, amara mea
As pleca nebun pe mare.

Cu un sac întreg de lut
Si-o spinare de nuiele
Să te fac de la-nceput
Cu puterea maini mele.

Lucru lung si monoton
Sa te inviez femeie
Eu bolnav Pygmalion
Hai si umbla Galatee.

Dacă tu ai dispărea
Fi-ti-ar moartea numai viata
Dulcea mea, amara mea
As pleca in tari de gheata.

Sa te fac din ţurţuri reci
Sa te-mbrac in promoroaca
Si apoi sa poti sa pleci
Orişiunde o sa-ti placa.

De-ai cădea intr-adevăr
In momentul marii frângeri,
As veni la tine-n cer
Sa te recompun din îngeri.

Si pe urma voi pleca,
Umilit si iluzoriu.
Unde este casa mea
O mansarda-n purgatoriu.

Dacă tu ai dispărea
Si din rasu-mi si din plansu-mi
Te-as găsi in sinea mea,
Te-as zidi din mine însumi.

3. kwoon – i lived on the moon

codrut, iti multumesc pt piesa asta. m-am indragostit de ea. si de clipul extraordinar.
lupta pentru zbor nesfarsit, lupta pentru vis. fugi departe, unde timpul si palpabilul nu te mai pot atinge. lasa-te purtat de valuri de dorinte si vise. asculta-ti sufletul si lasa-te sa fii tu..

Dear little lad,
Here is the story of my life
I lived on the moon
I lived on the moon

Grey flying snakes along
The mountains of destiny while
The three tailed monkeys
Where drawing the stars

Light from the sun
And I hide myself
on the dark side

I’ve run so far
To find my way
Then I dream again

Dear little boy, listen
To the voices of your soul
It showed you the way
Of silence and peace

Follow your thoughts and fly
Choosing all the things you desire
Giant waves, fireflies…

Your dreams will be your only shell
Your secrets,
your hiding place,
my son…

Don’t let them try
to crush your brain
Let you go far…
my son.

2. marillion – the invisible man

o piesa care mie imi da fiori pe sira spinarii. o zvarcolire a mortii, inchinate vietii pe care n-o mai poate ajunge. precum zvacnetul mainii trase de nisipuri miscatoare, constienta ca moare, agatandu-se totusi de aerul vietii. ‘the world’s gone mad and i’ve lost touch’… o nebunie treptata, de la resemnare la disperare si obsesie bolnava, cazand la sfarsit in implorare deznadajduita.

asculta ‘marillion – the invisible man’

The world’s gone mad
And I have lost touch
I shouldn’t admit it
But I have.
It slipped away while I was distracted
I haven’t changed
I swear I haven’t changed
How did this happen?
I didn’t feel myself

My body has gone
But my eyes remain
Hovering. Witnessing.
Cold as a ghost ..watching the streets
Sheltering in doorways of
Venice, Vienna,
Budapest, Krakow, and Amsterdam

I have become the invisible man

The invisible heart beating against you
The invisible pulse silently thumping

I shout my name in the public places
No one seems to notice
No one understands
I stand perfectly still
In the middle of the road
I hold my nerve
I hold my nerve
Hold my nerve
But the cars don’t swerve

I will hear your prayers
As you whisper alone
I am the one you felt was close
Close behind you in St.Stephen
You lit a candle
Blessings in the cold night air

I’ll feel your breath as you turn to go
I’ll watch you leave
From somewhere up high
As you cross the park
In the Autumn light
In the Autumn light
In the Autumn light

If I close my eyes
I can see where you live
Climb the winding stairs
Up to your apartment
The scent of you preparing
His evening meal
I must watch in dread
When he’s cruel to you
In horrified silence
As you make love
I cannot lift a hand
Lift a hand to stop him
I don’t exist What can I do?
What can I do?

I will scream in your ear
As you’re passing by
I will wrap my arms around you
You won’t hear, you won’t feel me
I will walk stride for stride with you
I will try to help
When you stumble
You will stumble through me.

I have become the invisible man
It’s all I am

I have read all your letters
I know what you contain
I have dreamt your dreams
My head..
My head is haunted
I will scream again
“I am perfectly sane”
“I am perfectly sane”
But I am
The invisible man
I am
The invisible man

Talk to me
Acknowledge me
Confide in me
Confess to me … or
Leave me be
Leave me be.

1. byron – on the road

un cantec in care, pentru a spera, treci prin agonia mortii.
what about leaving people without telling goodbye? we’ll meet again, i’m sure…

when you are alone
sitting on the pavement, hoping for a ride, dreaming away
remember her hands
touching the back of your neck like a breath of wind so real

long time passing doesn’t mean it’s gone
that touch is still there and will never leave
as you did

when you are alone
walking on the wayside, asking for a ride, dreaming away
forgetting that crap
“what will you do with your life if you won’t work out your next day?”

following the sun is not good enough
for taking your last breath with a smile on your face?
i won’t spend my life confronting the real
what about living without established frontiers?

what about misty mountains in a sunset light?
what about drinking from a waterfall?
what about leaving people without telling goodbye?
we’ll meet again, i’m sure

the cars still intersect, hypnotizing your memories
those days lost forever you never forgot
leaving all behind doesn’t mean you don’t miss
that child accidentally you’re not anymore

what about laying on leaves and watching the stars
preparing to fall asleep?
what about casual friends for a couple of miles?
don’t ask about the meanïng anymore